PIPECO GROUP was established in the year 2010, to manufacture GRP Tanks. Over the years, the company has grown dramatically and expanded its portfolio of products to include Water Pumps with a Brand Name of PIPECO PUMPS – UK.

Intelligence, Inspiration, Innovation spirit. As a pioneer in the pump industry, we focus on anything that moves water. We have the most important prerequisites for continuously setting new standards with the developments, products, systems, and services.

PIPECO Investment Company, the holding company for the PIPECO GROUP of Companies, was founded based on pure business passion. From the very start, we embedded a sense of pragmatism in the culture of the group. It is the pragmatism that has not only seen us through the most difficult times but also allowed us to achieve greater success during times of economic growth.

Commitment Reliability Innovation – PIPECO ranks high among the world’s fastest-growing water solution providers with a wide global presence.

Our group has been built on the premise of sheer hard work. We have progressed this far by believing in our values and never shying away from putting in the effort needed to grow any business. Our values: Excellence, Transparency, Compassion, Honesty, Empowerment, and Discipline are inculcated in every one of our employees.

With the growth of Dubai as the commercial hub of the region, the group has emerged as a strong leader in all fields of its endeavor and is poised for even greater challenges and achievements that await it in the future.

The foundations of our group are rock solid. These foundations, for all our companies, have been cast in the United Arab Emirates but today all our companies look at the world as their marketplace. In this age of globalization, we continue to grow at a breathtaking speed.

“We want everyone who deals with us to see, understand, and experience that we provide high-quality solutions – and to reap the full benefits of working with a company where innovation, unrivaled quality, and the pursuit of excellence are day-to-day realities”