• As per solar module, output peak watt capacity shall be not less than 89% at the end of 10 years, 79% at the
  • end of 20 years for the system offered.
  • Arrangement/facility for providing electricity to the pump from the solar system and from the grid can be
  • made by providing manual change over the switch.
  • It regulates the output frequency according to irradiation in real-time, to achieve maximum power from solar
  • panels at different sun intensities.
  • Capital cost of installation of solar-powered water pumping system is almost equal or less than capital cost of
  • installation of electric powered water pumping system if the cost of providing & laying of cable from source to
  • individual pumps and the cost of obtaining an electric connection is taken into consideration. As such, from day one,
  • there will be savings.
  • PIPECO Pumps is the complete solution provider.

Solar Pump Advantage

  • Efficiency is 15 % higher than our normal motor.
  • Can run on both Grid as well as Solar power.
  • Starts at morning 08.00 AM and runs till 5.30 PM.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Easy to understand and operate.
  • We can also customize the pump for higher HP as per the required head and discharge.
  • Capable of running in the rain as well and the discharge will be 50 % of the normal discharge.

Solar AC Pumps Vs Solar DC Pumps

Solar pumps